Master JavaScript’s Latest Updates: A Guide to ES11 (ECMAScript 2020):

Master JavaScript’s Latest Updates: A Guide to ES11 (ECMAScript 2020):

Here are the key features introduced in ES11 (ECMAScript 2020), with detailed descriptions and examples:

1. Optional Chaining (?.):

  • Safely accesses properties of potentially null or undefined objects without errors.


const user = { address: { city: 'New York' } };
const city = user?.address?.city; // 'New York' (without errors if user or address is nullish)

2. Nullish Coalescing Operator (??):

  • Provides a default value for expressions that evaluate to null or undefined.


const name = person?.name ?? 'Unknown'; // Assigns 'Unknown' if is nullish

3. Dynamic Import:

  • Loads modules dynamically at runtime using import().


const module = await import('./myModule.js');

4. Promise.allSettled():

  • Tracks the completion of multiple Promises, regardless of whether they resolve or reject.


]).then(results => {
  // Handle both resolved and rejected Promises

5. String.matchAll():

  • Returns all matches of a regular expression in a string, as an iterator.


const matches = 'abc123def456'.matchAll(/\d+/g);
for (const match of matches) {
  console.log(match); // Output: ["123", "456"]

6. BigInt:

  • Represents arbitrarily large integers, beyond the safe integer limit of regular JavaScript numbers.


const bigNumber = 9007199254740991n; // BigInt literal

7. GlobalThis:

  • Provides a global object to access global properties and functions in different JavaScript environments.


console.log(GlobalThis === global); // true (in most browsers)

8. Import.meta:

  • Provides metadata about the current module, such as its filename and directory.


console.log(import.meta.url); // Logs the URL of the current module

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